Dolphin Smalltalk 7

Dolphin 7 is the latest incarnation of our Windows based Smalltalk product and the first to be fully open source under the MIT license. Prior to this new version, Dolphin was made available as two separate products: a free Community Edition and the commercial Professional Edition both at version 6. For existing customers, downloads for these products are still available but general sales have been discontinued.

Dolphin is a complete development IDE for Smalltalk targeted specifically at Microsoft Windows. It is capable of creating standalone GUI and console executables that will run on any version of Windows from XP up to the current Windows 10. The IDE has been validated to run well on Windows 10 with 4Gb or more of system memory.

In order to install and (where necessary) build Dolphin from the GitHub sources please follow the instructions on the Getting Started page. What follows is a presentation of the key features of the Dolphin 7 development environment.


Class Browser
Smalltalk developers tend to spend a lot of time browsing existing code. The Dolphin browsers give you a clear window onto the source code for the entire class library. Before you carve out new code, browse through this incredible learning resource


Featuring dynamic, syntax colouring and IntelliSense-like auto completion, the source editor makes creating new code a great experience. And, because this is Smalltalk, any changes are incrementally compiled into a class so that they are ready to be tested within milliseconds. Yes really, milliseconds!
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Whether you follow a test first methodology or a more traditional edit/test/debug cycle, you'll find that the SUnit Test Browser built right into Dolphin makes it easy to run and debug your suites of test cases.


Any serious programmer knows that the power of an IDE is limited by the power of its debugger. Dolphin's debugger won't leave you wanting. You can inspect anything and edit anything. Fix a bug and move right on to the next with no restarting. True debugging goodness!
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Think Clearly

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Another helpful innovation is the IdeaSpace which collects together the many tool windows involved in a train of thought and brings them into a single tabbed window. No more hunting around your screen for lost browsers or inspectors.


The standard SUnit Browser is great but oftentimes you just want the freedom to code and run a test right away. With the new Code-and-Test pane embedded into the browsers, testing individual methods and classes is always just a keystroke away.
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Naturally you’ll want to be able to deploy your applications as true Windows executables. The Lagoon Deployment Wizard strips out redundant components from your image and shrinks your code down to a tight, single click EXE file. Alternatively, you can choose to additively compose your application by building it up from the raw Dolphin boot image.