A Better Hello World

Some time ago we published an improved Hello World tutorial that shows you how to get started with Dolphin and its default user interface framework, Model View Presenter. With the recent release of Dolphin 7 to a wider open source audience, it seems useful to republish this. If you’re new to Dolphin, be sure to check out our Getting Started page first…

The “Hello World” sample application that comes pre-loaded in the standard Dolphin system is not ideal because it doesn’t show how to build Hello World in the normal Dolphin Model-View-Presenter framework. Whilst this makes it quick and easy do to, it’s educational value is limited and some users have found it rather confusing.

This 20 minute video shows how to build Hello World properly in MVP by first deciding on a model, then creating a new presenter class and finally assembling a matching view using the View Composer. To finish things off, the final “application” is installed as an icon in the Dolphin Samples folder.

Part 1: A Better Hello World. This is a great starting point for jumping off into Dolphin if you have just installed the Community Edition. In addition to a simple use of the MVP framework, it introduces Workspaces and Inspectors together with the Package Browser, the Class Browser and the View Composer.

Part 2:
Why MVP is a Good Idea. Once you’ve completed the above tutorial you might like to watch the following video where we take you through the reasons why MVP is a good idea. In this 10 minute review we discuss the advantages afforded by splitting separation of GUI responsibility into three parts; Model, View and Presenter.

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