Creating a GUI Application without using MVP

When we originally designed the Dolphin MVP framework we cautiously added the parallel ability to be able to create GUI applications in the older “widget” style. To be honest we’ve never seen much point in broadcasting this to the world since we believe that MVP itself is far better choice. However, for those users who, (for whatever reason) really don’t want to get into MVP, I’ve created this video to show the basics of how to design a Dolphin app outside of Model, View, Presenter.

This method involves creating your application main window as a sub-class of ShellView. The “widgets” that you make use of will all come from the standard Dolphin “View” hierarchy. The key to the way this works is that all view objects are already set up to be their own presenter with their own pre-installed default model. That way you don’t actually need to be concerned about presenters and models, just the views themselves.

In this 15 min video I show how to build a simple “Days of the Week translation” application. For the sake of brevity, the view layout is fixed, however, it is perfectly possibly to use the standard Dolphin layout managers to build a flexible layout that can gracefully handle window resizing. This is left as an “exercise for the student”.

A slightly improved version of the package demonstrated in the video can be downloaded here.
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