Dolphin Under Wine

It turns out that it is quite possible to get Dolphin running under Wine without too much effort. These videos show how to get started with Dolphin and WineSkin, a Wine wrapping tool that is specifically targetted at Mac OSX.

The background to these videos is provided in the olphin under Wine">blog post Dolphin Under Wine.

Part 1: First Look. This video takes a brief look at Dolphin Professional wrapped as a Mac OSX application using WineSkin and Wine 1.3.28. The great thing about WineSkin is that it bundles your Windows executable (in this case Dolphin) together with a self-contained set of Wine files that are known to work together. The bundle is packaged as a Mac application and can be installed and treated like any other.

Part 2: Running Dolphin on Mac OSX under Wine. This 12 minute video takes you through the steps needed to patch and then package Dolphin Community Edition as a Mac app using WineSkin. It follows the basic process outlined in the recent blog post.

Part 3. Dolphin on Mac OSX under Wine (Options and Bugs). There are a number of WineSkin options that can be set to improve the appearance of Dolphin when running under Wine. Also, there are still bugs in the final result. This video discusses these options and the known bugs and how to work around them.